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Impact Studies

The benefits of Entrepreneurship Education have been widely documented.

Recent Europe-wide research lists the following outcomes in support of business volunteers' involvement in education, where participants:
• have an easier time securing a job than their peers
• earn higher salaries
• are more motivated in their careers than their peers
• are 4-5 times more likely to start their own businesses
• show more self-confidence
• more skilled at self-assessment
• make better higher education choices
• have higher rates of employability

 Please see below some studies on the impact of JA on students and volunteers around the globe.

2015 JA Worldwide Impact Report2014 JA Worldwide Impact Report Entrepreneurship Education - A Road to Success2015 European Commission Impact Report  
 2012 JA Worldwide Prudential Outcomes Report2012 JA Worldwide Prudential Outcomes  2011 JA Canada Making an Impact2011 JA Canada Making an Impact
 Impact of Entrepreneurship Education in Denmark 20132013 YE Denmark Impact Report  2011 JA Sweden Evaluation2011 JA Sweden Evaluation
2012 JA YE UK Impact Study Cover2012 JA YE UK Impact Study    2010-JA-Alumni-Success-cover2010 JA US Alumni Study
JA Europe Sharpening Financial Education2016 JA Europe Sharpening Financial Education Study  

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