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Border Counties

Crubany N.S. Hosts Special Guests from Top Oil

                      unnamed1 500x500

Top Oil business volunteer Sinead Gilsenan completed the five week Our Families programme with rang a hAon at Crubany N.S. recently. The programme allowed Sinead to use a combination of pictures, stickers, and flashcards to engage students in learning activities about needs, wants, jobs, tools and skills. In an age-appropriate fashion, Sinead and her young enthusiastic learners also worked through the importance of team work and what can be achieved when we collaborate effectively - all important lifeskills to reinforce.

During the final module, Ted arrived to help present the certificates to the students, which further added to the excitement on the day and their sense of achievement for a job well done.

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My Future - My Business

Australian Ireland Fund LogoDSCN3493 400x257

 More than 600 students from 10 schools across counties Cavan, Louth, Monaghan and Sligo are taking part in Junior Achievement’s My Future-My Business project funded by the Australian Ireland Fund. This innovative project aims to facilitate students in making informed choices about their future. The project design incorporates opportunities for education and careers planning while developing financial literacy skills and interacting with local business leaders.

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County Monaghan Fund Supports Junior Achievement

                                DSC 0974 1 400x265

More than 200 primary school students from nine schools in County Monaghan are taking part in an enterprise project supported by the County Monaghan Fund.

As part of the project Four classes are completing the Our Nation programme.In this in-depth and action-packed programme, students role-play business ownership, produce a product using different methods of production, look at the costs associated with running a business, create product advertisements, and take charge of their own businesses to make a profit!

Five classes are taking part in the Our World programme. Through hands on activities each week students explore STEM skills and the role they play in the future of the business world.  Exploring how technology and communications are vital growth areas in the global marketplace, students examine entrepreneurship and develop their own business ideas.

“To succeed in life young people need education and skills. Business skills should be learned at an early age and for that reason The County Monaghan Fund are delighted to be working with Junior Achievement Ireland on this project” Michael Treanor Chairperson.

Pictured above are members of the Monaghan County Fund along with Siobhan Kelly, Area Manager, Junior Achievement Border Counties

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Meet the Donegal-Sligo Company of the Year Regional Finalists

Junior Achievement Company of the Year 2015 Regional Final for Donegal-Sligo will take place on March 10th 2015 and is kindly hosted by Letterkenny I.T.


 Introducing ‘FARM S.I.S. Safety is Success’ from The Royal and Prior Comprehensive

                                                                                                                    Farm SIS team photo 400x225

FARM S.I.S ‘Safety is Success’ is a mini company comprised of seven team members: Orlaith Fogarty, Christine Russell, Dylan Laird, James Roulston, Aaron McCready, Ben Wallace and Adam McConnell. As a team they have designed farm safety jigsaw puzzles based on three themes; Beware Of the Bull, Stay Away From Moving Machinery, and Stay Away From Slurry Toxic Fumes. These puzzles have twenty four pieces in each puzzle and are suitable for children aged between three to five years of age. One jigsaw costs €7.00, two jigsaws costs €12.50 and three jigsaws costs €18.00.  The idea for this product came from the Finance Manager James Rouslton when his neighbour was seriously injured in a farming accident during the summer of 2014.


Introducing ‘Shield’ from Mercy College, Sligo

                      Connection Protection 400x254

Our company name is ‘Shield’ and the name of our product is ‘Connection Protection’. Our product is a small plastic device used to clip around the top of your charger to secure it and to ensure that it does not bend and cause the charger to fray. This is our solution to a very common problem so ‘Say hello ‘Connection Protection’ and goodbye to all broken chargers’.


Introducing ‘Handmade Gifts’ from St. Columba's College, Donegal

‘                                   Handmade Gifts 2 300x283

We produce two different products:

(1) Cake Stands and
(2) Framed Pressed flowers.

Many of the plates for the cake stands are sourced in local charity shops so we are turning odd used plates into desirable attractive cake stands.
The flowers that are pressed are locally sourced and put through a drying process to make them suitable for display purposes.


Introducing ‘Calligraphy Creations’ from Ursuline College, Sligo

                        photo 2 400x274

We are ‘Calligraphy Creations’ by C2N, a TY mini company from Ursuline College Sligo. We make unique, hand designed calligraphy cards.

Introducing 'Tyred' from Pobalscoil Ghaoth Dobhair, Dún na nGall

                                    image1 300x400

Contemporary garden furniture made from recycled tyres, perfect for the motoring enthusiast!


 Introducing ‘Waste no Water’ from Mercy College, Sligo

                       Waste no Water Pic

‘Waste no Water’ is an app that provides tips and facts about water saving in the home, in each different room in order to help people save money on the new water charge in Ireland. It can also calculate water usage.

Waste-No-Water’s target market is home-owners, as well as parents and teachers who wish to educate their pupils about water conservation in their home or at their school.

Our ambitions and goals are to help people save money on water, as well as water itself. We also aim to expand our app in many different ways, such as being available in other countries, and also having food wastage incorporated into the app.


Introducing ‘Head Wreckers’ from St. Columba’s College, Donegal

Head Wreakers

'Head Wreckers’ is a small, entertaining book of riddles and brain teasers that provides fun for all ages. 


Introducing ‘My Amazing Story' from Ursuline College, Sligo


‘My Amazing Story’ was set up to help combat the falling literacy level in primary schools in Ireland. We are, in particular, concerned about how imagination is being drowned out by modern technology such as computer games. Thus, we created the My Amazing Story book, a creative writing book dedicated to keeping creative writing not just alive but enjoyable.


Introducing ‘Mates with Slates’ from Scoil Mhuire, Buncrana

Mates with Slates 400x267

‘Mates with Slates’ is a groundbreaking yet traditional Irish company producing a customised product lazering photos on to a slate. We are a TY mini business and we plan on being very successful in our marketspace. Our innovative team of young, smart and innovative Scoil Mhuire students are some of the best business students in Ireland. We produce a quality product at a reasonable price. We are go getters, are hardworking and we will reach the top.


 Introducing ‘The Turnover Project’ from The Royal and Prior, Raphoeturnover-567x500 1 400x353

'The Turnover Project' is a project set up and run by teenagers and aims to de-stigmatize mental health among teenagers as well as providing them with information on how to improve their mental health.

We hope to remove the stigma that has recently surrounded the topic of mental health as well as provide people with the information they need in order to maintain positive mental health.


Introducing ‘Milseog Na Mara’ from Coláiste na Carraige

FullSizeRender 300x216

'Milseog Na Mara'  gives caragreen moss a modern twist, introducing it to the new gereneration reviving an old remedy and Irish tradition for aiding the recovery of colds and flus.

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Meet the Monaghan-Cavan-Louth Company of the Year Regional Finalists

Junior Achievement Company of the Year 2015 Competition for the Monaghan, Cavan and Louth region is set to take place on 24th March 2015 and is kindly hosted by Monaghan Institute.

Ten finalists will compete for a place at the National Finals, which will take place in May 2015.


Introducing 'Wood of Art' from Beech Hill College, Monaghan

                                  Wood of Art Team Photo

‘Wood of Art’ is a company that provides a collection of handmade wooden products produced to a high standard. All products are made from recyclable materials and are made to suit any occasion. Wood of Art’s slogan is Where Wood Comes to Life’ promotes how the team members show their creative side in the manufacture of handmade wooden products using their different skills and techniques.


Email us:  woodofart123@gmail.com

Find us on Facebook:


Follow us on Twitter:



 Introducing 'Step Up' from the Royal School, Cavan

                                 Step Up

'Step Up' is a transition year mini company from the Royal School Cavan which has created an electric tractor step for people with mobility problems when it comes to entering and exiting their tractor.


  Introducing 'Conkers’ from the Royal School, Cavan                    Conkers

'Conkers'has produced an educational book teaching everyone about nature and wildlife around Ireland. It is aimed towards primary school aged children. It is a learning aid for the classroom but can also be used at home to help children learn about the outdoors and surroundings they see day to day.



 Introducing 'Irish Mammy's Company' from Loreto College, Cavan

                                 Irish Mammys Company 300x225

'Irish Mammy’s Company' specialise in unique mugs, magnets, key rings and cards with Irish Mammy phrases printed on them such as, ‘Look what the cat dragged in’, ‘I’ll put the kettle on’, and ‘Say a prayer to St. Anthony’. The style of our product is unique and quirky. We chose a retro and funky design as we feel it is aesthetically pleasing.

Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/?lang=en or our name is @Irish_Mammys

Add us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Irish-Mammys-Company/1553044491576381


IntroducingPlogs’ from Scoil ÚI Mhuiri, Dunleer, Co. Louth

                                         Plogs 250x152                        

‘Plogs’ was set up by duo team Rian Bolger and Charlie Maguire from Scoil Mhuiri. ‘Plogs’ produce and sell paper logs made entirely from recycled paper.


Introducing 'Craft the Past' from O'Fiaich College, Dundalk, Co. Louth

                    P1010792 400x271

‘Craft the Past’ make and design personalized frames and memory boxes from old Lego and jewellery. Our products are handmade and unique.


IntroducingRainwater Harvester’ from Colaiste Rís, Dundalk, Co. Louth

                       Rain Harvester 400x266Rain Harvester Logo

Rainwater Harvester’ is new innovative idea set up to save customers on the new water charges by collecting rainwater, filtering and reusing it in the home or outside (e.g. car washing, gardening). Rain water harvester is a compact system that sits at the side of your house taking up very little ground space. It would be in a timber frame shed with a 1000l tank in it. There would be three filters one before the water enters the tank from your house gutters. The second would be a 25 micron filter to remove any small and micro particles in the water. There is also a UV filter to kill 99.9% of bacteria in the water.


 Introducing ‘Help ‘n’ Hand’ from Colaiste Rís, Dundalk, Co. Louth

  Help n Hand 300x400Help n Hand Logo

‘Help ‘n’ Hand’ provides an easier and safer method of driving for people who have lost the power in one of their arms due to a stroke or a semi-permanent injury to the arm but are still capable of driving. The main idea of our product is to be able to use the indictor on the side you have power depending on the model of the car and what arm is not manual. The indicator stick is a small bar about 8 inches in length that attaches to the indicator by two bits of steel going around the indictor and the welded bar on the top. The bar comes over behind the steering wheel to the other side on which you have power in the arm which saves you from reaching over to try and switch the indictor which is ultimately safer and will prevent potential accidents from occurring.


 Introducing ‘An Ciúb’ from Colaiste Rís, Dundalk, Co. Louth

                                            An Cíub 225x400

‘An Ciúb’ is an educational toy to help children learn the Irish language in a fun and active way. Our product is aimed at children in junior/senior infants. The idea of our product is a soft cube toy with action cards that attach to each side of the cube depicting different basic actions (Rith, léim etc.) The child/children roll the cube like a die and whichever action it lands on they have to do. The action cards are interchangeable as they are attached with Velcro making it easy to change the game around and have a different combination of actions each time so that the child/children don’t get bored. Our product supports physical activity and learning in a fun environment. We produce a quality product that can be used again and again and can be used to teach different subjects through the Irish language.


Introducing ‘Farmivia’ from Loreto College, Cavan  


Farm Safety is a serious issue in today’s society. Our product ‘Farmivia’ is a farm safety trivia game, which focuses on teaching adults and children to be safer and aware of the dangers on a farm in a fun and interactive way. The game is composed of engaging and interactive quiz questions for all ages based on the concept of farm safety.

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