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Mastercard JA in a Day!

mastercard 1Our Mastercard volunteers before their JA in a Day in Sacred Heart J.N.S.

Enterprise education means encouraging enterprise capability, supported by financial capability and economic and business understanding. This is at the centre of our objectives in JAI and is achieved each year with thanks to our supporting companies and volunteers.

mastercard 2MasterCard is one of our longstanding supporters with MasterCard volunteers having inspired and motivated students from senior infants to 6th year since 2011. They have done this through in-class programmes, interview workshops, maths through sports events and visits to the impressive Central Park office space in Sandyford.

Reccently 23 MasterCard volunteers visited Sacred Heart Junior National School in Killinarden, Dublin 24. In pairs, the volunteers delivered Ourselves, Our Families and Our Community in 11 of the junior classes. These programmes introduce students to the world of work, entrepreneurship, social studies and how families and communities work together – all delivered through interactive, hands-on activities, pitched at a level that’s in-line with their current curriculum.

mastercard 3The students were so excited to learn about the different jobs their volunteers had in MasterCard and to get to know them over the course of the morning as mentors and friends.When asked about the workshop, one 1st class student said;“The helpers in my class were so kind and helpful and made everything seem easier. I learned about so many jobs and that every family is different. I really liked meeting everyone today, I think it was my favourite day in school this year.”

One of our MasterCard volunteers said;“I had an amazing day yesterday! My class brought endless joy and entertainment to the day and they were such a pleasure to teach. Lots of different ways of thinking and everyone willing to participate. I will definitely be back next year!”

Thank you to Mastercard for such an wonderfully impactful morning.

mastercard 4

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The Central Bank of Ireland Open its Doors to Local Students

Central BankGovernor of The Central Bank of Ireland Philip Lane with volunteers & students from Scoil Chaoimhin during their visit to Central Bank

The Central Bank of Ireland welcomed local primary students to their new offices for the first time this month.

central bank 5Students enjoying workshops with The Central Bank of Ireland volunteersStudents from fourth, fifth and sixth class in Scoil Chaoimhin, Dubin 1 took part in a financial literacy workshop led by 17 very enthusiastic Central Bank business volunteers.  The atmosphere was fantastic in Central Bank throughout the morning, with both students and volunteers really engaging in all the activities.

After an action packed workshop, students were very fortunate to meet with Governor Philip Lane and even had the opportunity to ask some questions about his role in the Central Bank.  Finally, students were given a guided tour of the Visitor Centre and learned about the history of currency in Ireland and how money is made through an interactive tour.

To wrap up a very interesting and educational visit, students were treated to a lunch before departing back to school. Thank you to the Central Bank of Ireland for welcoming local students into their new offices.

Central bank 2Students handling a gold bullion at The Central Bank of Ireland

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Students get on the road to success with Bridgestone

Tour3Students from Balbriggan Community College during a tour of Bridgestone

Since partnering with Junior Achievement Ireland Bridgestone Ireland Ltd have reached out to 321 local students who have benefited from Junior Achievement (JA) programmes delivered by Bridgestone volunteers over the past two academic years.

With an ever growing population in Balbriggan support from local industries has never been more important.  Alongside delivering programmes on entrepreneurship, work readiness and financial literacy to primary and secondary school students, Bridgestone volunteers act as positive adult role models promoting the world of work in the local community. Secondary level students have attended Student to Work Days and Mock Interviews where they had the opportunity to experience the work environment of a multinational organisation first hand.

Not only have Bridgestone volunteers reached out to schools in the Fingal region but also in the West of Ireland taking in Limerick and Galway.

Welcome Jackie studentsJacqueline Wherity with students from Balbriggan Community College during a visit to BridgestoneReflecting on his Junior Achievement class delivered by a Bridgestone volunteer, a 5th year student in Balbriggan Community College said: ‘That was brilliant! I was really nervous coming in for the interview but everyone was so nice and now I think I would be ready for another interview. Jackie (Bridgestone volunteer) was really nice and her classroom visits gave us a chance to talk about jobs in Balbriggan.’

Martin Somers, volunteer and Regional Operations Manager Ireland for Bridgestone, commented that "It was a thoroughly enjoyable few weeks with the 3rd class students in Gailscoil Riada and I feel there was benefits in this for me as well as the children."

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Xilinx Make Maths Matter

Xilinx Make Maths Fun & Interesting for Local StudentsMake Maths Matter 1John Mullen, Senior HR Manager, welcoming students from St. Ronan's S.N.S. to Xilinx

Junior Achievement Ireland (JAI), in partnership with Xilinx completed a very successful Make Maths Matter Workshop on 15th February 2017.

The Make Maths Matter Project 2016/17 offers 60 5th class students from West Dublin the opportunity to participate in a unique project, staffed by trained volunteers from Xilinx.

Make Maths Matter 2An intensive, maths-filled day involved the participants in a series of maths related challenges. Students worked together in small groups, facilitated by business volunteers from Xilinx, to play fraction and multiplication games, solving problems and calculating mileage using scale measurements. Each student also engaged in practical spatial-visualisation challenges. The volunteers from Xilinx ensured 60 students from St. Ronan’ Senior National School, Deansrath, Clondalkin enjoyed the opportunity to visit a workplace to explore practical applications for maths in a fun-filled variety of maths, games and activities.

 John Mullen, Senior HR Manager in Xilinx, said the event was: “We are delighted to be partnered with Junior Achievement as it is a wonderful opportunity to give back to schools in the local community. Today's Make Maths Matter workshop was  fantastic; so well organised and structured. The volunteers were very well trained and extremely good with the children while the wide range of activities kept the students engaged and interested - the students really did seem to enjoy the maths activities. Overall the project has been very positive for both Xilinx and local schools.”

Make Maths Matter 3Noel Morgan, 5th class teacher in St. Ronan’s National School, commented that:  “This was another hugely enjoyable and highly educational workshop. Thank you to Xilinx and Junior Achievement for providing this opportunity to our fifth class pupils, they really relished the chance to learn in a fun working environment outside of the classroom. We are already looking forward to the next Make Maths Matter workshop in May.”

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Let's Go with Disney!

Disney and Junior Achievement Ireland (JAI) Promote Healthy Living

Disney 1Students from Stanhope Street Primary School, Dublin 7 with Disney volunteers after the Disney Let's Go programme

The Walt Disney Company Ireland have partnered with JAI for the first time to run a primary school programme focussing on healthy living. 

The pilot event took place in Stanhope Street Primary School on Thursday 16th February with 4th class students participating Disney 3in workshops and an innovation challenge.

The theme was healthy living and the teams engaged in a series of workshop activities over the course of a school day facilitated by six fantastic volunteers from Disney and joined by a wonderful volunteer from Creme Global.

The workshops were fun, interactive and the creativity and ideas presented by the students were inspiring.  The 4th class girls were hugely energised by the event and the volunteers kept pace!

We were delighted to be joined by Professor Niall Moyna (pictured below), Health and Human Performance at DCU who attended with four of his students. They will provide valuable feedback to Junior Achievement on the learning methodologies and content.Disney 2

Teacher Ms O’Grady said “It was a truly exceptional day.  The children were exposed to a beautiful selection of both fruit and veg in a wonderfully fun manner.  The volunteers were incredibly hands-on and kind to the children.  The group work was extremely educational, creative and immensely fun.  They will remember this day forever and they really got the message loud and clear about a healthy active life and passing on this important message to everyone at home and at school”.

150 students in Limerick will participate in a second Let’s Go event in May – we can’t wait.

A huge thanks to all involved.

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