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FARM collageF.A.R.M., a company from Salesian Secondary College, Pallaskenry, Co. Limerick, was announced winner of the Junior Achievement Company of the Year 2013 hosted at citi in Dublin on the 2nd May. 

F.A.R.M. designed, manufactured and are presently selling and marketing an innovative invention called the CowTail Lifter - a device that can be used by farmers to stop cows kicking while being milked.

The team will represent Ireland, competing against 32 European teams at the JA Company of the Year Competition in London in July.

With almost 2,500 Transition Year students countrywide taking part in Junior Achievement’s Company Programme, this year’s winners proved astute entrepreneurs.


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Budding Business Battles Begin

The Regional Finals of Junior Achievement’s Company of The Year Competition take place across the country in the coming months.

2500 students nationwide participated in the Company of the Year Competition. Two winning secondary school teams from each region go through to the National Final on 12th and 13th May and the ultimate prize is winning the JA European Company Competition in Riga, Estonia in July 2014.

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Science Programmes

Challenge Science (12–14 Years)


"I want to be… a biotechnologist, an astronaut, a forensic scientist, a nutritionist!"
Well, if so, come and experience Challenge Science, an exciting science roadshow that introduces young students to a world of creation and discovery. This programme illustrates the importance of science in today’s world of work, especially in relation to the thriving science, engineering and technology industries in Ireland .

Challenge Science takes students into third level institutions where they are introduced to science in a practical and imaginative way.


Our Universe (10–12 Years)

This programme is run in partnership with Gas Networks Ireland.

The exciting world of science is all around us! Students learn through hands-on activities to value and understand the scientific world that surrounds them. They are introduced to the role science plays in industry in Ireland today and career opportunities available to them in the future.

Our Universe explores the world of science and engineering in a fun and exciting way for 35 minutes weekly for five weeks.

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Maths Programmes

Working It Out (10–12 Years)

  • Working it Out mixes the worlds of sport and maths in a programme that will test both mind and body
  • Working it Out is where long division and penalty shootouts, averages and skipping, ratios and basketball all collide
  • Maths has never been so much fun!


Sum It Up! (12 - 14 Years)

  • Sum it Up! makes maths fun and helps students understand the important role maths plays is in our everyday lives.
  • Students are challenged through hands on activities such as becoming savvy shoppers and solving puzzles through mental arithmetic.
  • Students play a ‘monopoly’ based board game in teams aiming to maximise profits and also learn about the importance of budgeting and saving.


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Secondary School Programmes

What’s the point of algebra? Why the big deal about punctuality? And who’s going to give me a job anyway – I don’t have any stand-out-from-the-crowd talent? Secondary school programmes are structured, hands-on and activity based, focusing on enterprise, communication and interview skills as well as financial literacy. These programmes take the mystery out of negotiating the path from school to a career that suits each student’s individual strengths. Our business volunteers choose the programme they would like to teach, the area they would like to teach it in and the time of year they would like to do this in. 2.5hrs training in all aspects of their chosen programme means our business volunteers are totally comfortable with classroom management, teaching techniques and each module of their programme. And of course, the teacher will be present in the classroom at all times lending additional support.

Secondary Programmes vary from five to six weeks. As a business volunteer you visit the classroom once a week for five to six weeks and teach a structured programme.

Futurewize (12 – 14 Years)

In partnership with Science Foundation Ireland and Fidelity Investments, this 5 week STEM programme links the strands of the junior cycle science curriculum: Earth and Space, Chemical World, Physical World and Biological World, to varied careers and fields of study in STEM. With hands-on activities students journey through Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths and uncover the future possibilities within.


Smart Futures (12 – 14 Years)

Help your students to open their eyes to the vast choice of exciting career paths and opportunities in the STEM sector. A Junior Achievement Ireland volunteer will share their career story in this workshop which broadens the reach of the Science Foundation Ireland Smart Futures initiative.

Smart Futures

More Than Money (12 - 13 Years)

JA More Than Money reinforces the economics, business and social studise curriculum for students of sixth class primary and first year secondary school. The programme also provides a strong focus on mathematics, reading and writing skills. Students are encouraged to use a new way of thinking as they learn money management skills and explore their career aspirations. For more information on the HSBC More Than Money programme click the links below: http://www.hsbcusa.com/corporateresponsibility http://www.ja.org/involved/involved_contrib_key_hsbc_archive.shtml

Economics of Staying in School (12–14 Years)

The Economics of Staying in School explains the economic benefits of an education.
This programme runs for 40 minutes weekly for six weeks. Choices have trade-offs. Choices have consequences. We teach students informed choices about their future-education, careers, budgets, and other personal economic decisions.

Finance Your Future (15–18 Years)

Designed for 15-16 year olds, volunteers may well learn something as well.
This programme runs for 40 minutes weekly for five weeks. Finance Your Future covers real-to-life topics like balancing your own personal budget, learning about importance of saving as well as an introduction to insurance and managing risk. The correlation between level of education attained and earning potential are included in the design of the modules in order to reinforce the value of education and staying in school, as is the importance of knowing your skills, interests and values for future career choices.

Success Skills (15–18 Years)

JA Success Skills develops students’ interpersonal effectiveness and problem-solving strategies necessary for the workplace.
This programme runs for 40 minutes weekly for six weeks. Building rapport. Influencing others. Teamwork. These are critical interpersonal skills. Students undergo individual interpersonal skills assessment, and benchmarks are set. They then practice and develop these skills as JA classroom volunteers demonstrate their relevance to school, to work, and to life.

JA Enterprise in Action (15–18 Years)

Supported by Citi Foundation JA Enterprise in Action encourages students to examine the role of an entrepreneur in today’s society. Students will review entrepreneurship and acknowledge the importance of developing entrepreneurial skills for future roles, as well as the value of ‘intrapreneurship’ and social entrepreneurship in today’s economy and society. Students work with tangible examples of entrepreneurship such as product ideation and venture creation to enable students to practice skills and acquire knowledge.

Enterprise in Action Cover

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